Comedy legend Jon Stewart bids viewers farewell - Deutsche Welle

Tonight, an important chapter of American television history comes to a close: Jon Stewart will be saying goodbye to the audience of "The Daily Show" with an hour-long special. The 52-year old comedian has been the host of the program for over 16 years, filming more than 2,600 episodes.

Stewart's half-hour satire show was broadcast four times a week on cable channel Comedy Central and was widely considered one of the most influential political programs in the United States. The set and the structure of the show mimic those of a news program. Thematically, "The Daily Show" resorted to biting satire of American politics and political reporting, focusing in particular on the faults of the 24-hour-news networks.

The liver in the body of American discourse

"The Daily Show with Jon Stewart" - the official title of the program since Stewart took over in 1999 - drew in an audience of about 2 million Americans per episode on television, and millions of viewers from around the world online. The show won the most coveted award in American television, the Emmy, 20 times.

Many see Stewart, who started his career as a stand-up comedian in the early 1990s, as one of the most important figures in American political broadcasting. The 52-year old not only mocked political events and news programs, he also analyzed and contextualized them.

James Poniewozik, television critic for "Time" magazine, has declared him

"the liver in the body of American civil discourse." Stewart, he said, has been "a media filter that absorbs a torrent filled with toxins - in this case, politics, punditry and sensationalism - and passes it through in a form that you can safely tolerate."

Jon Stewart with Barack Obama during his last visit at The Daily Show in July of this year. (SAUL LOEB/AFP/Getty Images)

Obama made his last visit to "The Daily Show" in July

Stewart's bread and butter has been making fun of right-wing news networks and conservative politicians. Among the favorite targets of "The Daily Show" are the conservative network Fox News, right-wing populist movements like the Tea Party and Republican hardliners such as Sarah Palin, Donald Trump and Paul Ryan.

The comedian said in a CNN interview that while most would probably consider him a Democrat, he considers himself "more of a socialist or an independent." But his mockery is not exclusively reserved for the right-wing. He relentlessly poked fun at the deeply flawed implementation of President Barack Obama's health care reform and CNN, once saying that CNN was likely run by just "a roomful of angry chimps."

Stewart has interviewed many prestigious guests on "The Daily Show." The comedian talked not just with Hollywood actors and pop stars, but also activists such as Nobel Peace price winner Malala Yousafzai as well as authors, journalists and political icons.

High-profile guests included former Pakistani president Pervez Musharraf, former US Presidents Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter and Obama, who - despite the criticism for how his administration handled the health care reform - visited "The Daily Show" three times, for the last time in late July.

The format of "The Daily Show" was copied across the globe: The weekly German satire news show "heute-show" borrows heavily from "The Daily Show," as do programs in the Netherlands, Iraq and Egypt.

The future: Less Fox News, more Buzzfeed

After Stewart's departure,

comedian Trevor Noah will take over as host of "The Daily Show," as announced by Comedy Central in March. The 30-year old South African had joined the program as a correspondent only four months earlier.

At an event hosted for the Television Critics Association,

Noah revealed last week that he planned on changing the show's set "a tiny bit," and that he wants to focus less on the blunders of 24-hour news networks such as Fox News and more on the problems of online journalism. Noah's debut episode will air on September 28.

3 Ways the Clean Power Plan Will Strengthen Our Economy - Forbes

3) It will spur greater technology innovation along with entrepreneurship.

On Monday, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced your Clean Energy Plan, the very first legislation regarding its kind to always be able to curb fractional co2 (CO2) emissions through current U.S. because after all, the cheapest kind of electricity will be the kind we don't use within the first place. Solar energy, regarding example, now employs much more Americans when compared with coal mining - 142,698 versus 89,838 - while the entire renewables industry employed over 700,000 Americans in 2014. Furthermore, one dollar invested within clean power today creates three times as many work as some money invested in fossil fuels.  and below the Clean Energy Plan, this trend will accelerate using the potential to generate a quarter-million jobs simply by 2040. EPA projects that the Clean Energy Plan's flexible framework will enable a total regarding $155 billion within electricity financial savings among 2020-2030 - lowering enough power to always be able to energy 30 million homes. By Simply improving air quality, your strategy promises in order to stop 90,000 childhood asthma attacks and steer clear of as significantly as 3,600 premature deaths each year - without compromising economic growth. Within fact, the Clean power plan is surely an amazing economic opportunity that will states can not afford for you to miss.


By limiting power plants' "free pass" to pollute, EPA projects their own Program will deliver huge amounts of bucks within environmental and public health improvements annually - and also that's exactly the start. Clean energy installation furthermore relies more heavily on local workers, increasing the amount involving locally-invested dollars along with associated economic advantages in order to communities (in contrast to end up being able to coal plants, whose investments tend to be mostly funneled to out-of-state mining companies).

2) It will lower home electricity bills.

1) This will pave just how regarding countless a huge amount of clean energy jobs.

. Place yet another way, U.S. Here tend to be 3 ways where the Clean power Strategy works in order to strengthen states' economies along with accelerate many of the clean power developments previously underway:

One potent method states can choose to implement the actual Clean power plan is as easy as employing a lot more energy efficiency and renewable energy resources. and that's funds they can pump back to our economy.

The clean power economy is delivering much more quality work opportunities compared to fossil fuel industry.  These incentives, along with the plummeting cost of renewables just like solar, will make clean energy remedies the particular increasingly inexpensive compliance option. power plants. That's since many states will choose to adhere to EPA laws by simply ramping up renewable energy - an sector that is more labor-intensive and also creates more jobs per dollar invested compared to become able to the highly-mechanized fossil gas industry. And, EPA went one step further to ensure these power financial savings reach the communities that need them most. According to the EPA, this signifies that by 2030, if the plan is completely implemented, electricity bills are required being roughly seven percent lower compared to what they could be without any kind of state action. Power conservation could consist of every thing via state-wide weatherization programs for you to smart electricity pricing - like demand response and time-of-use-pricing, that work to save lots of individuals electricity and money. households will be saving normally $85 annually about his or her electricity bills. Via your Clean energy Incentive Program, the Clean power Program prioritizes early investment within power efficiency tasks in low-income communities through rewarding states pertaining to implementing these programs


Team Secret eliminated from The International Dota 2 Championships - SB Nation

Arteezy's farm recovered from his early deaths, while S4 in QoP led both teams and it seemed your comeback has been on. The Actual team's dominance leading up to the event is actually indicative of their capacity like a team, it remains to be seen how they'll cope with a loss associated with this magnitude.

Team Secret went back with their roots within Game 3. The mostly disappointing tournament from your constructed team associated with All-Star players saw them squander an earlier lead as well as lose the three-game series against Virtus Pro. The Particular series has been level.

Everyone picked them as favorites, but their quest in order to earn The Actual International is over.

The battle of European Dota continued in the 2nd lower-bracket series of the day with a surprise Medusa pickup through VP kicking off the particular series. Their Own assistance selections were struggling to disable along with punish VP's carries, and the selection of Drow proved to be the worthwhile danger that will carried Virtus Pro to always be able to victory along with keep his or her dreams from TI:5 alive.

Game 2 noticed any a lot more standard lineup from Virtus Pro. That felt similar to VP were inside the driver's seat, however in reality their particular lead wasn't as huge because it appeared. It put stress on Team Secret in order to stress early as well as push your pace, which in turn they were able to do.

Team Secret had been supposed to become able to dominate Your International Dota 2 Championships, however they is going to be left thinking what could have got been. Suddenly superb team fight synergy coming from Virtus Pro came through, winning numerous big fights and also using back again power over your game. Each team fight went Secret's way thanks in order to early farm, and also cruise to a straightforward win.

. Uncharacteristic mistakes via Secret opened too many gaps, also it became rapidly apparent that will Team Secret's weakness is definitely an inability to deal with Storm Spirit. In least it was your very best group of Your International therefore far.

Arteezy spoke right after the initial round which losing had been best for Secret, however that probably doesn't extend in order to becoming eliminated coming from The Particular International. They Will controlled both jungles, together with Puppey in Enigma receiving an astounding quantity associated with early farm without harassment. That They selected a lineup associated with comfort along with ease heroes with every player having the best possible chance to win this critical game. They Will selected heroes that synergized much better together along with additional a new Visage to include a few disable. Virtus Pro responded using a similar lineup they played earlier, yet with a Drow Ranger extra to the mix. An early Lina pick through Secret gave their particular lineup greater adaptability than the slow-building Virtus team. Arteezy via Team Secret played his Luna, that has become an aggressive hero he's favored all through TI:5, along together with a symbol his team had been looking to experience aggressively and finish early. That Will didn't arrive to pass through inside the early game using VP jumping to a simple lead thanks to early effective pickups, nevertheless this is rapidly eroded through total map manage from Team Secret


I-10 collapse not the first Valley closure due to rain -

to ten p.m., Monday via Friday, between Union Station throughout Phoenix and also the rail station 15 miles east inside Mesa."

How dare we become inconvenienced by simply miles and miles involving detours?

After 180,000 cubic feet-per-second floodwaters roared along the Salt, injury to roads as well as property ended up being monumental. Nevertheless when some of its aging infrastructure fails we turn out to be flummoxed, frustrated as well as furious.

Some argue the particular "Hattie 'B' " was the actual progenitor associated with today's Metro rail.

Jay Mark, Particular for Your Republic |

9 a.m. Passengers, waiting for your "Hattie 'B,' " crowd the particular long-closed Mesa depot, your eastern terminus with the commuter train.(Photo: Mesa Historical Museum)

Story HighlightsAll yet 2 bridges over the Salt River were closed Feb. That is why these people cringed when hearing about the California washout.

Even using the lately opened restricted passage, travelers and also commerce have got encountered a major inconvenience pertaining to more than fourteen days now.

Read or share this story:

We possess a tendency to adopt our Interstate system without any consideration -- expecting it for you to always be available. MST August 6, 2015

The Valley's very first modern attempt for commuter rail came to be regarding adversity within February 1980. 15, 1980, inside the wake involving floodingADOT and Amtrak launched commuter-train services in between Phoenix along with Mesa being an alternativeSome folks argue the "Hattie 'B' " train had been the progenitor regarding today's Metro rail

If you've attempted to travel between Phoenix as well as Los Angeles since July 19, then you've felt the actual pain.

Of course, Mesa stayed high as well as dry thanks to its area presciently selected simply by its forefathers.

During the ten times it operated, the actual "Hattie 'B' " has been an unmitigated success. However as quickly as some other bridges were repaired, like rats leaving a new sinking ship, folks abandoned your rails for their particular cars.

Although your washout occurred in California, it has received an enormous impact about the Valley. Just About All but a pair of river crossings had been flooded or perhaps closed -- leaving, ironically, just two historic bridges left to carry your a lot more than 400,000 vehicles frequently traveled every day between your East Valley as well as Phoenix.

No person who lived in the Valley in Feb. Yet this isn't the very first time. 15, 1980, can easily forget the afternoon that the I-10 bridges throughout the Salt River had been shut down for anxiety about imminent collapse throughout an unprecedented flood event. -- just 50 miles from your Arizona border.

There is a little irony because this latest I-10 closure parallels a new comparable Valley experience.

We opened our long-closed train depot on Third Voie therefore passengers could board your "Hattie 'B' " (named for Babbitt's wife).

It quickly became recognized as the "Sardine Express" due for you to its resemblance to the The big Apple Subway or perhaps Tokyo trains with rush hour,

Yes, California, we presume the pain.

While the "Berlin Wall" involving h2o has been splitting the particular Valley in two, Mesa helped alleviate the anguish in an important way.

But more than half the actual drivers chose to maintain back out the calamity rather than encounter six- in order to eight-hour delays.. Reach historian Jay Mark from

Years later, then-Governor Babbitt recalled, "the Arizona Department involving Transportation and Amtrak launched commuter-train services that ran constantly from 5:30 a.m. Along With possibly defintely won't be the particular last.

For people who don't remember, I-10 as well as I-17 were the particular Valley's merely freeways in 1980 when our transportation system ended up being taken to its knees.

The nearly all latest illustration of life's imperfections occurred in the particular program of an intense rainfall in which resulted within flooding, which collapsed an approach section to a Interstate ten bridge near Desert Center, Calif


Ann Rule, crime writer - obituary -

She is survived simply by the woman's 4 children, a couple of associated with whom had been charged earlier this year along with stealing funds coming from her.

Although Ann Rule didn't consider Bundy owned a new car, the description with the suspect matched those of your ex friend, therefore the girl made a decision to tip off the police. in 1971 the girl began operating in the Seattle crisis centre. but on the personal level, it had been an awful blow for you to feel I had trusted somebody - would have reliable my daughters to always be able to him. "He made my career," Ann Rule recalled, "... Until then, I believed I could truly judge aberrant behaviour."

Ann Rule, born October 22 1931, died July 26 2015

Ann Rule's marriage in order to Bill Rule was dissolved in 1972. The Girl went on to study Psychology in the School associated with Washington, yet couldn't cope using the statistical section of the actual course, therefore switched to creative Writing. Ann Rae Stackhouse was created upon October 22 1931, from Lowell, Michigan as well as became fascinated by the criminal mind as young girl, when the girl expended the girl summers helping your ex grandmother serve meals inside the Montcalm County Jail within Stanton, Michigan, where your ex grandfather along with uncle had been sheriffs. . However it had been being the last time the girl would observe him as a completely free man.

Ann Rule's Your Stranger Beside Me

Following graduation the girl joined the actual Seattle police department, nevertheless had been denied any permanent post because of for you to shortsightedness.

Nevertheless she could never escape Ted Bundy: "I ended up being naive enough when I wrote it throughout '79 to be able to consider 'I'll write this, plus it is planning to be cathartic, along with I'll not have to speak about Ted again'," the girl recalled.

Once The Stranger Beside Me has been revealed throughout 1980, it became an instant bestseller, eventually running in to 32 editions. but detectives, who get been getting inundated with leads, took zero action. Bundy continued to kill - and also Ann Rule and that will he remained friends. Convicted of kidnapping later on that year, he was discovered responsible for capital murder throughout Florida throughout 1979 and also sentenced for you to death. in early 1976, when he has been out about bail right after getting arrested pertaining to suspected kidnapping, the girl had lunch with him. "And yet, he just fascinated people, and your man even now does."

Ann Rule revealed 33 books, together with earnings routinely climbing into the millions, associated with which a amount of had been changed into films and television series, including Tiny sacrifices (1988), about an Oregon mother (played through Farrah Fawcett) who shot your ex three youngsters within the hope of pleasing a new lover. Instead, your woman began for you to work as getting a freelance writer pertaining to Accurate Detective publication producing two 10,000-word posts each week under your pen name Andy Stack


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